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Hidden Moon

Hidden Moon - K.R. Thompson I am not usually into YA books but loved this one. Well written and had a good story line and plot. Nikki moves to Virginia with her Mom and little sister Emily after her Dad's accidental death to start over. They inherited her great-grandmothers house. Moving next to the local Indian reservation. Nikkie makes friends with her nearest neighbor named Brian a really nice boy who shows her the ropes at her new High school. Then she meets the boys from the reservation. The leader Adam and his friends are really nice boys and her and Adam have a spark from the start even though it takes a few days to admit it. They also have a serial killer known as the trail killer who kill hikers. They only find the gear never to find the bodies again. This has been going on for a few years now.

I don't want to go farther and drop spoilers but this is a werewolf paranormal book with a few other little creatures thrown in. It has twists and turns and It kept me guessing through most of the book. It had a surprise ending that I liked. I can't wait for the next book. I have never said that about a YA book except for a Terry Spear book.