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The Trap

The Trap - Beverley Kendall This is suppose to be Paige and Mitch's story but as far as I,m concerned it's Paiges story. From here on Mitch will be "he who shall remain nameless". My emotions got tied up in this story. I understand where he may have felt pressure but he carried it to far in my opinion. For the book it made a great story but for Paige it made an unbearable broken heart.

A young woman making a dumb mistake. Fresh out of high school. She gets all the blame and accused of doing it on purpose. Even though they have been in love along time he even questions if he is the father.

Her 9 month heartache an acceptance of the change in her life to me is a story of courage. I loved Paige. She never faltered. Her family and friends support was unwavering. In my book " he who shall remain nameless" can fall in a hole somewhere.

I can't wait for book#2