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Until You (Fall Away, #1.5)

Until You (Fall Away, #1.5) - Penelope Douglas When I read Bully, the first book in the series I hated Jared with a passion. I couldn't figure out his reasoning for his hatred and terrible treatment of Tatum his boyhood friend. He had done some really unforgivable things to her.

In this book you finally see into Jared's soul and get a look at the horror his life became when he went away that year to visit his dad.

Coming home after what he went through and finding out he had a brother to see his mom "who has a bad drinking problem" and Tatum and her dad acting like a happy family when he needed her more then ever just set him onto a path to pushing everything and everyone away.

Tatum goes away for a year to school and comes home determined to not let Jared hurt her anymore.

I didn't want to put any spoilers in but Jared's visit to his dad was horrible. With the help of Tatum's dad while she's away Jared finally starts to get a grip on his feelings. It's a great read.