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Trapped - Beverley Kendall Mitch and Paige have been in love along time but when she goes off the pill and gets pregnant he believes she did it to trap him. He has went away to college and Paige has been missing him so he thinks that's the reason. Mitch starts to lose all perspective and even says he thinks the baby might not be his. This devastates Paige and she throws him out. He leaves town and goes back to college and doesn't come back or contact Paige. When she has their daughter and he still ignores her and the baby she closes her heart to him for good.

A year later Mitch's sister takes him a pictures of his daughter Brianna and papers to sign to sever his parental rights. Seeing his baby for the first time finally shocks him out of the drinking stupor he has been in the last year. He has failed his courses and can't play football for the college anymore and blames Paige for all his problems. He decides to go home for the first time in a year to get to know his baby. He's not signing those papers. This isn't about Paige.

Mitch has a lot to learn because he isn't going to find any easy forgiveness at home. Paige, her friends and family have locked him out. His daughter screams whenever he tries to hold her. He realizes that maybe he was wrong about things but he's hurt people to deeply. Is it possible to be forgiven for the unforgivable. It's so nice to read a book that doesn't have a man wanting to spank, flog or hang a woman from the wall and call him Master. I'm so glad I read this series. :)