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Storm - Nina  Levine I apologize. I just realized I did my review on Amazon and not here after referring to this book in a group.

I found this book to make no sense. I'll will try to make this short and sweet

1. You have a heroine in very grave danger from another MC yet even though she has been brought up in the life and been tortured and abused by them before she doesn't seem to take it seriously.

2. After she is brought home the club "to protect her from this grave danger" they let her trot all over the place like there isn't a problem. Most of the time with no guard. During this whole time she runs her mouth with the "I can take care of myself" attitude.

3. This horrible terrible scary MC leader ,if I remember correctly makes one appearance then is killed. It was so fast the whole point seemed not worth the plot.

4. The dead leaders sister who all of a sudden pops up out of nowhere runs into a store ..our heroine is shopping..screams in her face she is a dead woman. If we see her again I can't remember it.

At this point the guy who loves her from her past seems about the only part of this book that has a point and even that has me shaking my head.
I have read the next books and liked them so I say don't judge the series by this book.