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Becoming His Mate (Douglas Mountain Shifters)

Becoming His Mate (Douglas Mountain Shifters) - Lillian Danté It was ok for a quick read but not much substance. Old boyfriend comes back into heroine's life after breaking her heart in high school and she wastes her time and ours saying I won't get involved with him again. Jumps right into the sack. All kinds of things thrown into the plot with little to no explanation. Heather has her secrets and of course Cole is a shifter.

Example of things thrown in..Arthur an important man who leads another group of shifters who live in a estate called Foxwoods is played as "up to something" Maybe a bad guy" but this led's no where. A mysterious fountain you never quite find out about. An alpha who still hasn't taken over his clan. A huge war with people getting killed all over the place but no police or anyone coming looking for missing humans??? Our human heroine riding a huge Bear?? into the fray ?? swinging her sword. Some things made no sense with things said in the book.