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Point of Redemption

Point of Redemption - Stacey  Lynn This was Ryder and Faith's story. This story is a lot darker then the first. It ties in very well with it though. Ryder is Daemon's older brother who leaves town after he accidentally shoots his own father. Daemon calls him to come home to help in a time of crisis 5 yrs later. After deserting his fiance' and family all those yrs ago he swore he would never go back. His brother needed him so he had to go back.

Ryder comes home to find his ex fiance's a prostitute for a rival MC with a bad reputation. What happened to his innocent Faith? What happened 5 yrs ago when he walked in his house and found Liv's moms head blown off and Liv shot and bleeding as he accidentally kills his father. The past never died and still tied to the future. What kind of destruction did heleave everyone else behind to deal with????