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Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series)

Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series) - Brandy Dorsch Sorry not for me. Everyone knows vampires exist. Ellie and her friends decide to go out to a vampire club to see what it's like. She works for a medical place. I can't remember exactly what with all the fast track of this book. " Don't read farther if you don't want spoilers!


Ellie meets her boss. He is a vampire and he decides he is her mate then accidentally almost kills her. His best friend Jasper saves her by turning her and she turns out to be his mate. While this is going Ellie who doesn't "Usually" sleep around is "screwing like a bunny" All in a matter of days this is accepted and no one is jealous and sleeping around is accepted with a smile by vampires, So her new mate and her half mate "yes you heard me" her half mate Ian,,her boss "her boys" as she calls them are doing her and and another human girl at the club. Natalie. Oh yeah and humans that go to this club have their blood tested and when they go in the club are served as drinks to the vampires. " With their permission of course' groan

Jasper leaves Ellie behind to have sex with Ian to show no hard feelings about switching mates and goes ahead to the club and has wild sex with Natalie while waiting for Ian and Ellie to have sex. When Ian and Ellie show up they change partners and are now going to have sex with each other. Everything in this story is instant acceptance and to much sharing.