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The Alpha's Search

The Alpha's Search - Natalie Shaw I started off liking the concept of this book but it all went down hill very fast.

Besides flipping back and forth through time everything happened to fast. We are talking this first book being 136 pages.


In those few pages the author deals with a serious situation with vampires attacking where heroine works and escaping. The witnessing and murder and escape of the heroine Louise's father. The attack and murder of of her roommate by a vampire in her apartment. Plus before her unfortunate death they have been able to fit in a night of clubbing .She has a memory loss and with all this she is meeting her long lost mate who is trying to keep her alive and make her believe it. Then they run from motel to motel to escape vampires and bad werewolf who set up father's death. Meanwhile we learn all other packs are enemies. You can be killed on site. So they are fighting to get accepted by another pack so weeks are crammed into this small book where the hero and heroine are not only accepted but even though he was alpha of his old pack heis taken in. He makes and enemy of the new alpha's second in command and is made the new one and the head alpha trusts him. Oh yeah and sex. I know I have forgotten things because my head is spinning. A chapter telling us how they met 40 years before. I edited several times because I keep forgetting things. She ran from her mate went to the cops and spent time on interrogation . Bad wolves ran cops off road taking her somewhere and killed them and again saved by mate.

I have a headache.