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Misbehavior - Kathryn Kelly I have been given an ARC for a honest review'

I absolutely loved this book.I love the whole series. I read a lot of MC books but this one gives you the insight you need to understand these totally crazy, messed up, can't help but love and care about people. This is an in depth story. Lots of action,fighting,crying heartbreak,anger,sex, dirty talking and love. You name it.

This particular book goes back into the past to the present to explain some very important things that have screwed up some of our favorite characters that have only been hinted at so far. Brings you to the present to deal with the new threats to the clubs safety. Val and Zoann Donovan's story is hard and emotional. Lets us know how Matthew "Valentine" Taylor came to be a Death Dweller. There's darkness in this story but you have to read it to understand the series. The truth comes out about what happened to Zoann at 17 and shocks Val, Johnnie and her brother Outlaw to the core.
We get to see more of Outlaw and Meggie's story and some heartache for them. Mortician is still fighting Bailey because of the bet. Kendall is still the pain in the azz she was. "I'm still hating on her"

I hate giving spoilers but a few hints to peek your interest ok?? lol Val does something so incredibly stupid Outlaw shoots him in the arm to answer a question that will get him killed but he is saved from Outlaw putting a bullet in his head. We all know what happened to Zoann in the last book. . What do you think she finally tells Outlaw that puts him over the deep end? What did Kendall do that has made Outlaw hate her for life and makes him want to kill her. Does she live through the book?
Several people almost get killed and are critical in this book which ones and does anyone die? I am looking forward to the next book!!