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Seduce Me

Seduce Me - Ryan Michele I started out liking this book but got more and more irritated as it continued. I am a woman who has had children and also a miscarriage so I do understand the feelings you can get from these experiences. I wanted everyone to understand that before I go on.

The heroine Casey has been in love with GT most of her life. She sleeping with him just short of 2 weeks and she is on birth control. Within that time she not only has sex with him but finds out she is pregnant and leaves him for cheating. .Casey moves away. "2 weeks"

Now to what irritated me and made me skim this book and draw a sigh of relief when I hit the end,

It's a terrible thing to have a miscarriage at 11 weeks and Casey deserves time to grieve for a baby she had wanted but it's carried to far. It is a constant through the rest of the book.. We have a hard ass biker group that would normally say ok this happened but deal..wouldn't you think?? But they all turn into.... The president of the club makes a toast to his beautiful grandaughter. "dummy it's all in your sons ol'ladies head" Casey decides to pick a sex for her lost baby and a name....then eventually with her and her bikers constant unhappiness they surprise them with a headstone with a the name on it. and dates and 100's of bikers from all over to celebrate their daughters life.She talks constantly about her little Mia. Suppose it had been a Steven. Every one talks about Mia. I'm beginning to think I'm the one missing a few marbles because not one person tells her she needs counseling.

Anyway..whenever I started to get into something I thought was good this topic always seemed to seep into everywhere. I think if it was handled in a less exaggareted manner it would have been better