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Romero - Elizabeth Reyes An enjoyable romance about a really possessive, jealous alpha male from the wrong side of the tracks who meets and falls in love with a girl from the right side.

Darkly handsome Romero is raised by his grandma "who is now passed away" and his heavy set Uncles Max and Manny who fart and bletch in restaurants. Discuss stinking up the bathroom and still have sex in the kitchen during the day. He was also brought up swearing like a trucker. His uncles own a topless bar. His friends think they are hilarious. After his father went to jail when he was young they took him in and loved him and were there for him in every way. At one of the pre-wedding get togethers for his friend Angel he meets school teacher, Isabel. "Izzy to him" A man who has never had a relationship. A story of misunderstanding, family disapproval, jealousy and love. I thought it was great.

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