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Bound By Honor

Bound By Honor - Cora Reilly A young girl is engaged to and married to second in command to the NY mafia. Her father in the Chicago mafia needing to make a truce. She has a hard time accepting her fate. She has to deal with jealousy and other problems from the world they live in and thinks there can never be love in their kind of world. This is Aria's and Luca's story.

I want to give the book 3 1/2 to 4. The story is good. I liked the characters but a couple of things got on my nerves a little. One made me put the book down several times. Our Heroine Arias, who has been raised in a mafia family has been engaged to the future Capo, Luca, of the New York Branch at 15 yrs old to marry him at 18. This to to make an a truce between the Chicago familia and NY. That's ok...but once the marriage takes place this grown man, a killer, a man that takes what he wants and is second in command in the mafia lets an 18 call the shots on when he can have her virginity??? It is also dragged out to long in the story. The build up sex is way to long.. Her sister Gianna is the other thing that suspends belief in this story. Raised is a mafia family and runs her mouth at these NY mafia men without a filter. I mean in a very insulting way. Making rape remarks and killing etc.

The second part of the book kept my attention once things started moving along. I am going to read the next book. I do believe that when you read fiction you always have to suspend belief but it shouldn't be dragged out to long.