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Desolate - Ker Dukey I forgot what a completely heartless person Ryan is. That through me off big time when she showed feelings for Cerceus. I will say I hate when an author gives you a name in a book your no sure how to pronounce. I liked the first book better but still this one was pretty good. Ryan gets out of the mental home which stuns everyone who knows. Blake keeps it from Melody. Since Cerceus never knew about him in the first place Ryan manages to weasel a place into her heart. He's still evil, mean and nasty. Wants to cut up women while he has sex with them. There is an excellent twist to this story I didn't see coming

I can only hope we follow more into Ryan's scary mixed up mind. He has to have more in store for family and friends or where he travels. Ker Dukey writes this character so well. Dark, terrible if he sets his sites on you and if he doesn't feel like cutting you up he can talk you into doing it yourself.