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Gable - Harper Bentley
Interesting book. I don't know where to start. Gable is one of four well known brothers in the local college. He is known for his one time and don't look back plan. Dirty mouth, arrogant, gorgeous and wealthy.

He meets new girl in town Scout who just moved into town to live with her Dad the town Captain. "lawman" Right away he aims his dirty mouth and sometimes nasty attitude at Scout. She can't figure out what his problem is. His dirty mouth embarrasses her because he doesn't care who hears him. Then he ignores her for awhile and it starts up again.

They get a school project where their professor lines up student ID's and they partner up to have an secret email pal to see if it adds to their lives and have to write a paper on it for class. She figures out she got Gable. When he starts treating her seriously and he tells her they are going to be together she wonders if she should tell him about being his secret email pal but then......he starts hitting on the email pal while ignoring her again. He makes a date to have sex with her ID number after breaking up with her......... There is lots going on in between and around what I've written. Good book.