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I am Wolf

I am Wolf - Willow Rose I was really surprised and pleased to see a plot I have not read yet. A young 17 year old boy living in Romania at the time they are just hooking up with the Nazi's and persecuting the Jewish people. A paranormal book with a twist. The businesses his father have built have been taken away and his family are forced to stay in their castle in the woods and hope they will be left alone. After a while 17 yr old Sami wants to sneak into town and see what is happening. He can't let his father know though. Traveling through the woods he finally sees soldiers with a truck full of women, children and men crying. It pulls over and the soldiers hit them and tell them to get out of the truck. Line them against the wall and kill them. Sami is horrified and lays down holding his mouth so the soldiers can't hear his owns cries.

He runs away when the soldiers leave and a girl finds him needing help. That''s when he meets his Catalina.

Their adventure against the Nazi's, and Evil werewolves isn't the only surprise they have to deal with. Sami has to go from a boy to leader of the werewolves to a man who can control his new power. He also finds out who Catalina really is and that you can't avoid fate. I enjoyed this book even though I have to buy another. It was good size.