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Primani - Laurie Olerich I just ordered book #2 because I'm so frustrated from unanswered questions from part one. I have to say its good to read a trilogy with books with over 400 pages each book.

The problem with this book which lost it stars was that it didn't answer things you waited for even when the Chapter said they would be answered. Mica is an 18 year old girl who we meet in the beginning who is beaten and tortured by a crazy guy and rescued by 3 mysterious guys. She wakes in the hospital badly injured with no idea how she got there. She does remember what happened. One guy Sean starts constantly showing up when she's in trouble. Eventually the other two do too. Killian and Dec. The three of them look dangerous and big and she can't figure out what they are doing in her life. We do know they are warriors.

Now the answers I never got answered where...

What exactly kind of paranormal beings are they? I did find out they hunt demons and are good guys but are they angels? Men from another planet??? Warriors from the Gods Things that are said confuse you on many things they could be.

Next the blurb says they are assigned to see her through her immortality. Then in the book they say they don't know what their purpose is that all they know is they were told to watch and protect her about a year ago. The book caught my interest but felt it was a little drawn out. Ithink I felt that way because of the frustration of not knowing exactly what these guys where?????