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A Scandalous Wife

A Scandalous Wife - Ava Stone

Robert Beckford, Earl of Masten believes in propriety. When his brother "Lucas" ruins a young lady and swears she was already ruined Robert marries her himself out of family honor. The problem is he believes her to be no better then a whore. He sends her away to live on one of his far away estates hoping to never deal with her again.

When he finds her in London, friends with his sister he is furious and wants her to go back where he put her while still disliking her and calling her insulting names.
These people find their way to love but many secrets come to light. Lucas the brother who ruined her comes back and doesn't approve of their new relationship thinking she's not good enough for his brother. Her long last brother comes back into her life bringing his own secrets. Many other things are involved in this story. Well rounded and interesting. HEA

I have tried to not give spoilers so I can't tell you much except give this book a read!!!!