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A Scandalous Wife

A Scandalous Wife - Ava Stone

Robert Beckford, Earl of Masten believes in propriety. When his brother "Lucas" ruins a young lady and swears she was already ruined Robert marries her himself out of family honor. The problem is he believes her to be no better then a whore. He sends her away to live on one of his far away estates hoping to never deal with her again.

When he finds her in London, friends with his sister he is furious and wants her to go back where he put her while still disliking her and calling her insulting names.
These people find their way to love but many secrets come to light. Lucas the brother who ruined her comes back and doesn't approve of their new relationship thinking she's not good enough for his brother. Her long last brother comes back into her life bringing his own secrets. Many other things are involved in this story. Well rounded and interesting. HEA

I have tried to not give spoilers so I can't tell you much except give this book a read!!!!

Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance

Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance - Lucinda Brant

I really enjoyed this read. It has a lot of twists and surprises that show things aren't always what it seems. Julian Hesham the Marquis of Alston the heir of his father the Duke is fifteen when we meet him and he is out of hand and his father wants to send him on tour but is afraid he'll do something stupid just to make him angry like marry someone unsuitable, He decides to marry him off to a respectable girl of his class before he goes and picks twelve year old Deborah. Since she has been plied with a sleeping drug before the marriage she has no memory of it after it takes place. Young Julian is rushed abroad and Deborah goes on to grow up none the wiser....until Julian comes back to London with a bad reputation and a bride that doesn't know him and thinks he's a rake. He tries to win her by not telling her who he is. The story goes off into many directions and there are a lot of good side characters.


Desolate - Ker Dukey I forgot what a completely heartless person Ryan is. That through me off big time when she showed feelings for Cerceus. I will say I hate when an author gives you a name in a book your no sure how to pronounce. I liked the first book better but still this one was pretty good. Ryan gets out of the mental home which stuns everyone who knows. Blake keeps it from Melody. Since Cerceus never knew about him in the first place Ryan manages to weasel a place into her heart. He's still evil, mean and nasty. Wants to cut up women while he has sex with them. There is an excellent twist to this story I didn't see coming

I can only hope we follow more into Ryan's scary mixed up mind. He has to have more in store for family and friends or where he travels. Ker Dukey writes this character so well. Dark, terrible if he sets his sites on you and if he doesn't feel like cutting you up he can talk you into doing it yourself.

Wicked Designs (The League of Rogues)

Wicked Designs (The League of Rogues) - Lauren   Smith I really enjoyed this book. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is because it says "It was amazing". Thats's kind of a strong way to put it. If they put "I loved it" I would give more 5's. That being said.......

We have Godric, The Duke of Essex and 4 of his buddies in his group called The League of Rogues together decide to kidnap Miss Emily Parr because her Uncle has embezzled from the Duke. The group of young lords has no feeling or cares for anyone except family. The fact that ruining Emily by taking her doesn't bother them at all.

The problem is that Godric and his pals have never run into anybody like Miss Emily Parr before. She doesn't make her abduction easy. Taking a couple down with her. She doesn't make her seduction easy but being Emily she makes it to easy for the 4 scoundrels to come to care for her very much. Especially the love between the meanest of them all, The Duke, Godric A great HEA. A good story to go with it.

A Duchess Enraged

A Duchess Enraged - Alicia Quigley First off,, I am not a fan of cheating so this books loses points on that alone.

We have like a lot of regency stories about a young girl being married off to a slightly older guy against his will who then insults her and takes off for the continent. The fathers made these arrangements to settle a gambling debt. So I can understand the Dukes heir being a little upset. From there on I find our "hero" Adam to be heartless, judgmental, arrogant, spoiled, unreasonable, narcisstic..pardon my spelling lol. and uses any excuse he can to run back to his mistress and embarrass his young wife. It was to late to redeem him for me. Allegra his wife, has built her life in the ton. She is loved for her beauty and kindness. She is flirtatious but innocent. Adam who brings back his French whore mistress who has made him believe she is an innocent widow plots to get rid of his wife to marry him. He buys her a house and continues to sleep with her throughout the book as the mistresses scheming with others to tear down his wife"s character works. As Adam finally decides to divorce his cheating wife and have her followed because of all the poison that has been whispered in his ear. It does have a HEA...but I would have told the new Duke to stick it where the sun don't shine.

Duke of Darkness

Duke of Darkness - Anabelle Bryant Ok the thing I thought didn't make sense first: A Duke is second to a King or Queen. Their power is huge. The way society treated him was just plain not going to happen in that period in history. Quietly behind his back but not openly at a party or ball. Certainly people wouldn't be gossiping to his ward. Societies Mama's would have been lining up in droves to have their daughters marry Duke even if for his wealth alone. Lots of young nobleman had wild ways and seduced women. He was being judged for his parents?????

Ok to the book. I liked it. I felt so bad for Devin when I heard his reason for why he acted as he did. I was so glad Alexandra came into his life and wouldn't take no for and answer and stood by his side. He had a great best friend and Alex found a great friend in his friends sister. The other side characters where great, Even the pets had great parts in this book.

He tried to marry her off to get rid of her but his heart wouldn't let him.


Primani - Laurie Olerich I just ordered book #2 because I'm so frustrated from unanswered questions from part one. I have to say its good to read a trilogy with books with over 400 pages each book.

The problem with this book which lost it stars was that it didn't answer things you waited for even when the Chapter said they would be answered. Mica is an 18 year old girl who we meet in the beginning who is beaten and tortured by a crazy guy and rescued by 3 mysterious guys. She wakes in the hospital badly injured with no idea how she got there. She does remember what happened. One guy Sean starts constantly showing up when she's in trouble. Eventually the other two do too. Killian and Dec. The three of them look dangerous and big and she can't figure out what they are doing in her life. We do know they are warriors.

Now the answers I never got answered where...

What exactly kind of paranormal beings are they? I did find out they hunt demons and are good guys but are they angels? Men from another planet??? Warriors from the Gods Things that are said confuse you on many things they could be.

Next the blurb says they are assigned to see her through her immortality. Then in the book they say they don't know what their purpose is that all they know is they were told to watch and protect her about a year ago. The book caught my interest but felt it was a little drawn out. Ithink I felt that way because of the frustration of not knowing exactly what these guys where?????

I am Wolf

I am Wolf - Willow Rose I was really surprised and pleased to see a plot I have not read yet. A young 17 year old boy living in Romania at the time they are just hooking up with the Nazi's and persecuting the Jewish people. A paranormal book with a twist. The businesses his father have built have been taken away and his family are forced to stay in their castle in the woods and hope they will be left alone. After a while 17 yr old Sami wants to sneak into town and see what is happening. He can't let his father know though. Traveling through the woods he finally sees soldiers with a truck full of women, children and men crying. It pulls over and the soldiers hit them and tell them to get out of the truck. Line them against the wall and kill them. Sami is horrified and lays down holding his mouth so the soldiers can't hear his owns cries.

He runs away when the soldiers leave and a girl finds him needing help. That''s when he meets his Catalina.

Their adventure against the Nazi's, and Evil werewolves isn't the only surprise they have to deal with. Sami has to go from a boy to leader of the werewolves to a man who can control his new power. He also finds out who Catalina really is and that you can't avoid fate. I enjoyed this book even though I have to buy another. It was good size.


Gable - Harper Bentley
Interesting book. I don't know where to start. Gable is one of four well known brothers in the local college. He is known for his one time and don't look back plan. Dirty mouth, arrogant, gorgeous and wealthy.

He meets new girl in town Scout who just moved into town to live with her Dad the town Captain. "lawman" Right away he aims his dirty mouth and sometimes nasty attitude at Scout. She can't figure out what his problem is. His dirty mouth embarrasses her because he doesn't care who hears him. Then he ignores her for awhile and it starts up again.

They get a school project where their professor lines up student ID's and they partner up to have an secret email pal to see if it adds to their lives and have to write a paper on it for class. She figures out she got Gable. When he starts treating her seriously and he tells her they are going to be together she wonders if she should tell him about being his secret email pal but then......he starts hitting on the email pal while ignoring her again. He makes a date to have sex with her ID number after breaking up with her......... There is lots going on in between and around what I've written. Good book.


Passion - Jordan Silver
I really love Ms. Silver's books. I just didn't care a lot for Carissa the heroine. She had a mouth like a hooker on a street corner. Our heroine Joshua who claims to hate it decides he wants her and even though her dad's a cop he allows Josh to take over her life. A total alpha. Sometimes to mean and bossy. I thought the ending was off since both were 17 yrs old. I basically liked the story. If your into super young alpha's you'll like it.

The Hostage Sister (Hellriders, #2)

The Hostage Sister  (Hellriders, #2) - Amy Law Well if you followed me from my book one review here I go. This is about Jesska's sister Tiffany. No we do not find out anymore about the first book. Still left hanging.


Where to begin... Tiffany is kidnapped by at least 3 very rough men. She is taken to a house to be held until her dad a judge gives them what they want. Most of this is about one raping her pretty brutally and one she gives it freely and them arguing because the rapist wants to kill her and the other still there wants to let her live. She's been plotting to screw all of them in hopes one will protect her. Come to find out Cracker a knows all about this going on and doing it behind Tiffany's sisters back.

Again a short and no real detail story. The only thing I left out really is the reason they kidnapped her. We have the ending with her begging the MC biker to take her with him and she still doesn't know his name.

Misguided (A Death Dwellers MC Novel)

Misguided (A Death Dwellers MC Novel) - Kathryn Kelly, Crystal Cuffley I am loving this whole series. They always take you back into each lead character for that books background and to where their relationships, friendships and how they became MC members. Up to present. It is sometimes done in flashbacks. but Ms. Kelly does it well.

This is Morticians book. Mort and Bailey have a hard time with their relationship because he pushes her away all the time. She's having his baby. Plus he entered a bet with his MC brothers about falling in love with young pu**y. Mort's pride won't let him lose. So he has a thing with Bailey but he keeps it a secret and doesn't treat her very well. Bailey goes through a lot in this book and comes very close to dying. Old enemies thought long dead surface.

This is my favorite MC series. Enjoy!!!!!

Ignite: A Devil Chaser's MC Romance

Ignite: A Devil Chaser's MC Romance - L. Wilder I really liked this MC book. I thought it was a true romance. It was nice to see that once in awhile in a biker book. Lily has to leave her town quickly. Her mother packs her up with her baby nephew JW and sends her across country to keep him away from his dangerous father in another MC after the mother dies from drugs.

When Lily gets help from her cousin Tess who is a school teacher and o'lady to Bishop the President of The Devil's Chaser's MC things look like they might work out. She meets Goliath the VP of the club and knows from the start he wants Lily and falls in love with little JW too. What also makes it good is the other side stories involved and the secrets that come out that break Lily and Goliath's heart. Great read

The Stray Sister: Blades and Red Skulls (Hellriders Book 1)

The Stray Sister: Blades and Red Skulls (Hellriders Book 1) - Amy Law

This story left me wanting. It was to quick and left you wondering. It was like the book just stopped. There were problems with the club but the relationship between Crackers and Jesska was so up in the air I think it was lost in space. I had to get the next book to see and I did....follow me...........................................

Stepbrother Billionaire

Stepbrother Billionaire - Colleen Masters

Let me get the frustrating part out of the way first.
Emerson and Abby are our main characters and I loved them both. I felt what came between them was so totally stupid every time it came up I wanted to throw my Kindle. If they had been brought up since young children as brother and sister I could see the taboo but it's just ridiculous in this case. Firstly they had just met senior year in high school and had only shared a house for a couple weeks. Their parents were married one day and it was annulled. I have seen many shows were kids get married and their parents meet and marry. Besides they have no blood connection. To me it doesn't make sense no matter how you look at it. For people to call it incest is ignorant.

Ok enough of that. Now I can get to the good stuff. When our couple meet he acts like he can't stand her. She's been crushing on him awhile. Their parents planning a wedding gets to be a complication once they figure out their feelings.
" again the stupid stepstupidity " Things go wrong for all involved and hearts get broken. You get your HEA but some tuff times are in the way. With old money snotty grandparents, alcoholic father,a drug addicted mother Emerson and Abby have a lot to deal with. I really enjoyed this book.

That Man 1: (That Man Trilogy)

That Man 1: (That Man Trilogy) - Nelle L'Amour So far,,I like it.

Not enough story to write full review. Enjoying it enough to want to read the next book in the series.